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 Portland Slag Cement (PSC)

Portland Slag Cement Banner - Emami Cement

Portland Slag Cement (PSC Laminated Bag)

Available in select markets

Advantages of Double Bull PSC

Advantage Emami Cement - Better chemical resistance

Better chemical resistance

Advantage Emami Cement - Superior finish

Better finish

Advantage Emami Cement - Improved workability

Improved workability

Advantage Emami Cement - Compatible with all type of mixtures

Compatible with all type of mixtures

Double Bull PSC Application Segments

Application Segments - Underground concrete

Underground concrete

Application Segments - Water storing structures

Water storing structures

Application Segments - Residential Construction

Residential Construction

Application Segments - Commercial Infrastructure

Commercial Infrastructure

Application Segments - Roads and Highways

Roads and Highways

Application Segments - Industrial Plants

Industrial Plants