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 Plant RISDA

Emami Risda Plant chattisgarh - Emami Cement


The integrated unit at Risda in Chhattisgarh was commissioned in 2016, with an initial cement production capacity of 2.5 MMTPA. As of December 31, 2020, the Risda Cement Plant had an aggregate cement and clinker production capacity of 3.0 MMTPA and 3.2 MMTPA, respectively. We source limestone for the Risda Cement Plant from a mine of 222.13 MT limestone reserve located in the Risda mines.


The Risda mines are located adjacent to the Risda Cement Plant, where we operate a fully mechanized, open-cast mine, and are able to extract sufficient quantities of limestone for our current clinker production requirements. At this facility, we have a 30 MW captive coal-based power plant and a 15 MW waste heat recovery system. We source almost all of our electrical energy requirements for the Risda Cement Plant from the captive power plant and waste heat recovery system. We are also connected to the state electricity grid.

Date of Commissioning :- 14th Dec 2016One point of contact for the plant :- Mr. Raju Banerjee