When do you know it’s time to repair your ceiling

As much as we would like our ceilings to last forever, it’s not quite possible. While there are many other costs involved in maintaining your home’s foundation, paying close attention to your ceiling is extremely important. Faulty ceilings pose a dangerous threat to the occupants of the home. So it’s important to be aware and look up from time to time.

If you see any of the following problems when it comes to your ceiling, it is important to fix them immediately and avoid any accidents to your family or major costs for repairs –

House is old

If your house is old, there is a chance that the ceiling and other aspects of the structure have not been repaired in a while. If your house is over 20 years old, it’s time to repair or give your ceiling a new paint job. Old ceilings are incredibly dangerous because they can easily flake and fall, creating an unsafe environment for you and your family.

The ceiling has damage

A big sign that tells you it’s time to repair your ceiling is if there’s damage due to old age, if it has cracks, water damage, parts of it are peeling off and falling or if you notice a slight sagging in the structure. If there is water damage, in even a small part of the ceiling, it is important to repair that part of the ceiling where the damage is substantial, to prevent it from spreading to other areas.


Another sign that tells you it’s time to fix your ceiling is discoloration. Though discoloration mainly occurs due to heat, it could also be caused by water damage. If you see a brownish tint on parts of your ceiling, it could very easily be water damage. Find the root of the damage, fix the problem, and make sure you repair that part of the ceiling as soon as possible to avoid further issues.


If the water damage has progressed to the point of mold formation, it is important to get the mold removed, find the cause, and fix it immediately. Mold can cause a lot of health problems for those living in the house. Common causes for mold include leaks from rooms above, AC water, rusty plumbing, etc.

If you want a sturdier ceiling, you can ask your contractor to use Double Bull cement. It is said, by many professionals, that Emami is one of the best cement brands in India and a great option for construction work at home. Don’t wait to get your ceiling fixed if you notice an issue.

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