What is the best season to start construction in India?

Did you know that starting construction in a particular season can affect the overall longevity, strength, and resilience of your house?

Seasons can affect the overall duration of your construction. This makes it extremely crucial to decide well in advance when to commence building projects. In India, we observe three seasons – summer, winter, and the monsoons. So let’s find out which one from these is favorable for undertaking construction.

Construction in summer

Summer is considered by many contractors, to be an ideal time to begin a construction project. This is because the weather is clear and comes with little to no hindrances – storms, drastic temperature drops, etc. – that may disrupt or delay the flow of construction. The days are also longer in comparison. This means more work can be done resulting in faster completion of the project. The dry and warm environment also helps the concrete solidify relatively quicker. But there are drawbacks too. In summer, the cost of raw materials such as wood and plywood, are higher because of increased demand. So if budget is your constraint then constructing in summer shouldn’t be your first option.

Construction in winter

Winters in India differ from region to region. While the northern half of the country may witness snowfall, the southern and central regions can enjoy a more pleasant climate. If you reside in the north then construction can prove challenging. Inclement weather conditions bring with them a host of difficulties – snowstorms, avalanche threats, ground frost, etc. This may hamper the speed of construction. As temperatures plummet below 0°C, the process of wet cement turning into strong concrete slows significantly. But there are upsides to constructing in winter too. Due to slack demand, raw materials are readily available. This also translates to a cheaper price. Furthermore, hiring contractors to work on projects also proves easy.

Construction in monsoons

June is the month with a formal onset for the southwest monsoon season in India and the rains can last until the end of September. Undertaking construction activities in this period can prove quite difficult. With frequent downpours, the risk of waterlogging, and frequent thunderstorms and lightning also increases substantially. Working under such conditions can prove hazardous to both life and property. Moreover, workers have to be extra cautious in damp conditions since the instances of live wires become more rampant. Concrete may also require more time to set due to increased moisture in the air. Nevertheless, one can begin work in the monsoons with the help of the right equipment, tools, and high-performance cement.

The tips in this article can help you choose the right time and serve as a useful guide to building a house. But no matter which season you choose, make sure you always use Emami Double Bull Cement, one of the finest and best quality cements in India.

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