Ways to protect your home when the seasons change

Being a tropical country, India experiences seasonal changes that can affect everyday life. From a significant increase in humidity and temperature during the summers to harsh rainfall and winds during the monsoons, and even snow and extreme drops in temperatures during winter (in some parts) – every season can make homecare a difficult job.

There are many key elements that you can look into to safeguard your home all year round. For instance, ensuring high-performance concrete is used choosing premium brands like Double Bull Cement. Besides that vital part, here are a few more tips to keep in mind while preparing your house for India’s seasonal changes:

Defense against harsh weather

Bad weather can pose a major challenge for the exterior and interior of your home. Whether it’s the strong rain during the monsoons or the direct heat in the hot summer months, your paint, cementing, and overall structure could be prone to damage. Ensure that periodic checks are carried out every season so that cracks and areas where the paint is chipping, are properly repaired.

Looking for air gaps

Unwanted gaps around windows or doors can allow the air from outside to flow into your home. On a hot summer day you might wonder why your AC won’t cool or during the rainy season, wet patches start damaging your woodwork. Ensure that at the onset of every season, you have these gaps looked into so that whatever severe weather surrounds your home, you’re always comfortable inside. 

Concrete repairs

Concreting is a fundamental part during the construction of your house. However, even after that, you need to keep a close eye on any damages that may crop up on the surface. If you live in a bungalow or row house, especially in the northern parts of India, winter can amplify the damages, since cold air helps expand any gaps in the concrete of your house. Cracks and any other damage in key areas like your ceiling, walls, driveway surface, etc. need to be repaired at regular intervals.

Apart from these basic structural checkpoints, there are many other elements that need your attention every season. Electrical inspections and proper ventilation are a couple of important points to keep in mind. It’s advised that for all repairs, seek the help of professionals so that there are no complications. But if you have adequate knowledge you could undertake small DIY fixes.

At the end of the day, you will have minimal difficulties during the lifetime of your house if you initially choose premium construction material. For example, using only the best quality cement from a trusted brand can reduce maintenance costs considerably in the long run. Nonetheless, with seasons getting more extreme every year in India, it’s vital that you keep a lookout for any problems every few months.

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