Tips to protect your home’s foundation from water

While everyone knows the importance of a solid foundation for a strong building, little is talked about its maintenance. Foundation repairs can get quite expensive if ignored. Water accumulation is amongst the primary reasons for foundation damage; it can seep through the foundation and invade your basement. This constant movement of water around the foundation can result in cracks in the walls and floor.

Hence, to protect your home, you must protect the foundation and here are 5 simple ways to do that:

Inspect the perimeter of your home

Regularly inspect the area surrounding your house and look for signs of cracking. Wood, brick or other exterior coverings should be six inches above the foot of the foundation. Many times, dirt and debris can fill this gap and make your foundation vulnerable to moisture hence, ensure that the area surrounding the foundation is clean.

Look out for water pooling near the foundation

Water accumulation is the most serious threat to your foundation. After a long stretch of rain, check if water pools have formed around the house. If you happen to locate these pools, installing a catch basin can be the most effective solution to tackle the problem.

The ground should slope away from the foundation

To ensure that water doesn’t accumulate in the vicinity of the foundation, the ground should slope away from the house. Ideally, the slope should be at least six inches over 10 feet which will ensure that the water will flow away from your home instead of seeping into the foundation.

Keep an eye on changes around the property

If your neighbors are planning to landscape their garden, alter the drainage mechanism or if authorities dig up the ground for sewer repairs, etc., chances are these changes can influence your property’s drainage too. So, always keep an eye on what’s happening around your property and take necessary actions to counter the issues that could arise due to the changes.

Address all the problems immediately

Delaying repairs will only worsen the problem and make it more expensive to deal with. Leaks, if ignored, can turn into cracks and cracks can pose a serious threat to the foundation. Never underestimate the damage that can affect walls, floors, the roof, and the overall structure of your home.

Given the importance of a foundation, using only strong, premium quality materials becomes vital. The same goes for its maintenance or repair. Using the best quality cement, like Emami Double Bull Cement, will provide your foundation with an ultra-superior finish while ensuring durability, thanks to its seepage-resistant capabilities.

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