Tips to keep you house monsoon ready

The season of ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ is upon us and soon the air will be filled with the earthy fragrance of the wet mud and the surroundings will have several shades of green. There is no doubt Monsoon brings delightful rainy experience but it can cause serious damage to your house if you don’t take proper precautions. The water content in the climate starts to react with the components of construction like cement and reinforcements which can lead to structural deterioration. The dampness and moisture in walls can also lead to bacterial growth as well as moss which can cause allergies, infections and other afflictions.

So in order to keep your house safe from the damage of monsoon, here are some tips that will make sure that your home is ready for the rains.

  • Do the proper Waterproofing:

First thing you need to do for being ready for the upcoming monsoon is to have proper waterproofing. As the building gets older the small cracks and gaps start to appear in the corners of your walls as well as plumbing. So in order to save your walls from water damage, you should check for leaks or weak wall joints and get a professional to do the job as it is quite crucial to find minor leakages and fix them.

  • Drains should be cleaned beforehand:

Clogged drainage and accumulated water lead to the growth of mosquitoes as well as disease carrying germs. To avoid such situations you need to take preventive measures to get all your drains cleared, checked, and de-clogged in order to clean and check your drainage before Monsoon arrives.

  • Inspect the electrical wireworks supply connections:

Electric connections are very susceptible to moisture and water content in the walls. It can not only damage your electrical appliances but can also cause a fire hazard. You need to check for defective insulations, exposed wiring, open sockets that may lead to a short circuit and consequently a danger of electrical failure. Make sure that you take care of the basic maintenance and install a voltage regulator, a trip switch, and encase all the open electrical sockets to protect your home during the monsoon season.

  • Do the prior AC Maintenance:

Due to the high moisture content in the air the humidity goes higher in the season of monsoon and you need a properly working air conditioner in such climate. Hence, proper maintenance of your AC is a must in the rain because AC’s are susceptible to damage from humid climate and water and not doing prior maintenance so can lead to adverse effects including electrical troubles and rising costs of electricity.

  • Use seepage resistant cement for the patchwork

To keep your house safe from water intrusion you need to hire a professional for the doing the patchwork of all the cracks and openings. These cracks and opening should be filled properly with water/ seepage resistant cement which will not allow water to pass through the wall.

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