Tips to build a strong foundation for a home

Building a foundation is more than just holding a house on the ground.

It’s not just a house constructed on a piece of land, building a strong foundation is of prime importance.  It forms the roots to a strong tree that is meant to last forever.

There’s more to a good foundation than just digging a hole and adding concrete into forms. It requires a lot of customisation. Similar to tailor-made customised suit. One must take into consideration the soil conditions, water tables, even the quality of the backfill. This detailing requires perfection to the core – the base properly compacted, the formwork set up right, the concrete free of voids. Any neglect to the detailing could potentially be a flawed foundation.

  1. Perform soil evaluation before you go ahead and layout a foundation. Do not try to save money on this as it’s the most crucial part of the process. A proper foundation can be designed only after a proper soil evaluation is done.
  2. Incorporate proper grading at all levels right from proper piering for soil conditions to proper drainage which helps waterproof the foundation.
  3. Installing a proper drainage system is very crucial to the overall design so one must include gutters and downspouts in the home plan
  4. Be sure to have vapour barriers installed for the pier and beam foundations and more importantly they are properly vented.
  5. Inspect your foundation from time to time. Conduct a yearly inspection and resolve any drainage problems detected on priority.

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