Things You Should Inspect Before Renovating Your Home

Your homes go through a lot of wear and tear, over the years, before you actually notice it. The only solution is a renovation, to retain its original sturdiness. The periodically changing weather is one of the primary reasons behind this abrasion, cracking of the cement concrete flooring, the coming off of wallpapers, leaky pipes, cracks on the walls and ceiling, etc.

While those are just some reasons to renovate your house, many homeowners also choose to renovate to help improve the property’s value, upgrade it to match their comfort levels, or simply make it more beautiful.

Whatever the reason you have, here’s a list of things you should inspect before you begin the process of renovation: –

Damp walls

Dampness on your walls at home is a matter of serious concern. Damp walls give rise to an unhealthy living environment as it attracts pests, asbestos damages woodwork, causes earthing, and rusting and more. All these conditions will directly affect the safety and health of your family members. Dampness in the walls occurs by constant water leakage or seepage in the walls and ceilings and can be a product of not using the right PSC Cement.

Insect infestation

Having wet walls leads to insect and fungal infestation. Mold and fungal growth form greenish-grey spots on the walls while black mould develops around window frames. Areas like attics, basements, storerooms and closed garages can be home to insects like cockroaches, ants, centipedes, etc. One way of identifying insect infestation is to look for droppings. If you notice droppings in your home, discoloration on the walls, inform your contractor immediately so it can be dealt with during the renovation process.

Leaky pipes

Pipes might stay hidden but can cause long-term effects on you and your home. When pipes rust, they leak and cause endless problems. There are numerous causes for this including high water pressure, corrosion, rusting, and even temperature changes. To stop this disaster from happening, call for a licensed plumber and ask them for white cement price as it helps in dealing with clean-up after fixing the leakages.

Broken tiles

Cracked tiles on floors and walls can be a huge problem as the source of the crack can be difficult to trace. There are a lot of reasons for the same, including a tile receiving a sharp blow, or being under a heavy load. Sometimes the tiles cannot bear the load of refrigerators or other heavy equipment and can break. While renovating, make sure to opt for the best type of concrete cement flooring and use OPC cement, known to be the best adhesive for tiles. 

Make this journey of inspection and renovation a smooth one by hiring a professional contractor to help you out. Their experience and attention to detail will aid in seeing which parts need replacing and most work. Cement companies in India offer home building and renovating guidance, like the professionals at Double Bull Cement

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