Safety tips to manage construction projects during the monsoons

The Southwest monsoon season in India starts in the month of June and can last until the end of September, sometimes even extending until the first week of October. Undertaking construction projects during this season can prove challenging as frequent downpours can cause floods and waterlogging.

Heavy rains are also sometimes accompanied by lightning and thunderstorms only furthering the issue of working under such conditions. It can prove extremely hazardous to life and property.

But if you have already begun your construction project here are five things to keep in mind to manage it effectively during the rainy season:-

  1. Check the weather forecast:
    While it may seem sunny and pleasant indicating a dry day, the weather during the monsoons is unpredictable and can suddenly turn wet. Hence, it is advisable to know the weather forecast beforehand. In India, one can receive up-to-date information about the local weather from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) and also through several private weather forecasting agencies via apps, etc. Preferably, plan your work according to these forecasts for a better chance of getting things done without much of a problem.

  2. Wear protective gear:
    During the rains, the surroundings tend to get damp & slippery. One wrong move or a misstep can prove fatal. Thus, it is necessary to wear gloves and boots with a good grip. As temperatures can also decrease, in some parts, during the monsoons, workers should also wear raincoats with thick layers underneath to protect them from the chill.

  3. Use good-quality eyewear:
    Heavy rains can fog your sight of vision. This can be extremely dangerous when working at a height or even just several feet above the ground. To ensure maximum visibility, workers should wear good quality, anti-fog glasses or goggles. This will also ensure that unnecessary splashes from materials like cement etc. don’t enter the eyes.

  4. Be careful of live wires:
    During the monsoons, the instances of bare, unearthed, live wires can become rampant. It is advisable to be more cautious around live wires or better yet, avoid them altogether unless you have specific equipment and attire to protect you from the free-flowing electricity. It is also recommended to alert others to stay away from electric cables that can turn live. Ensure all major outlets are switched off, covered safely or workers are equipped with properly insulated gear.

  5. Use good quality cement:
    Heavy rains and floods can moisten and subsequently soften the foundation and concrete of a construction site. This can prove fatal as the structure of the building is more prone to collapsing. For this reason, it is imperative to always use the best quality cement. Emami Double Bull Cement is capable of braving any storm and hence, would be an apt choice when building during the monsoons. 

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