How to winter-proof your home

We’re all getting into the winter mood with festivities and holiday plans taking shape around us. As we revel in the many joys the season brings, there are a lot of aspects regarding home safety that we tend to miss. Just like a harsh monsoon season can affect our homes, winter has its own share of issues, especially within the four walls of our abode. This is why it is vital to have relevant measures in place to have a stress-free, winter-proofed home.

Whether you’ve got yourself a new house or moved into an old one, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Even when it comes to cementing, in the case of new homes, you need to ensure you choose high-performance concrete that will help maintain the warmth inside during the winters.

Here are some useful tips to consider and act on to help keep your home safe from the cold and low temperatures of the winter season:-

Damp walls

We’ve had a long monsoon season and the damages the rains tend to do to your walls and ceilings can affect your winter preparations. In case of damp walls, an ideal solution would be to apply a coat of paint or putty which will help diminish the possibility of the dampness spreading and in turn, save your home from getting severely cold at night. 

Sealing your doors and windows

Another important measure to take when winter-proofing your home is to ensure your doors and windows do not have any gaps that might let the cold into your rooms. If you’ve used inferior cement during the construction of your house, this might seem like an unavoidable worry, so it’s always best to use material from top cement companies in India like Double Bull Cement to avoid any complications.

Concrete essentials (when constructing a new home)
If you’re in the process of constructing a new home during the winter season, it is imperative that concreting is done in the right way. The focus should be on key points like using less water in the concrete mix, covering the dug-up earth to preserve the warmth needed for the foundation structure, and opting for air-entrained concrete. All these will lead to a strong building that will keep winter worries at bay.

If you live in the northern parts of the country, winter could get a little worrisome and these precautions can help you enjoy the cool weather without having to stress out about potential damages or issues with your home. But while it is necessary to take precautions for old homes, it is equally necessary to ensure the basics in building your new home are strong. Use only the best cement in India like what Double Bull Cement manufacturers, to give your home a sturdy foundation.

Apart from these, give your house a quick walk-through to see if any repair work needs to be done. Before the temperatures drop ensure that all plumbing, drainage, paint, and other essential parts of the house are in the best possible conditions. While the winter may be your favorite season, keep these points in mind to stop any problem that might hamper your jolly mood.

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