How to tell Good Quality from Bad Quality Cement

Good quality cement is the life of a structure. It’s the most important element in the construction of a building and determines its lifeline. Good quality cement can let a structure survive for a very long time with no problems. But if the quality of cement used is not up to the mark, the structure could require constant and even recurring repairs.

It is absolutely essential to understand the difference between good quality and bad quality cement. Listed here are some of the points and methods that one should keep in mind when concerned about or checking the quality of cement for a project:


In this test, one must take a little cement between their fingers and rub it. If the texture feels smooth, it’s considered good quality cement. If the texture is rough, it is likely adulterated with sand.


In this test, one can thrust their hand in a bag of cement. It should have a cool sensation on the skin. That is another indicator of good quality cement. If it doesn’t feel like the temperature is low, it could be an indication of hydration which translates to poor quality.


Ensure that the cement being used for a project; cement, like most perishables, also ages with time. Using old cement can be a heavy expenditure for the future. It also includes ensuring that the cement bag is absolutely new and fresh, not restitched.


Another valid indication of good quality of cement is the uniformity of colour. The ideal colour of cement is light grey with a tint of a greenish shade.


For this, take a small amount of cement and add it to a bucket of water. If the particles of cement float on the surface of the water for some time, before completely sinking, consider the quality to be good.

Double Bull Cement is a well-known Indian brand and has been around for a long time. Their products are highly recommended by many builders by construction companies as being highly appreciated for providing high-performance concrete. While having a range of products available, in several categories, their Portland Slag Cement, also known as PSC Cement is most often recommended as it’s made with particles that are resistant to chemical ingress.

Follow these simple methods and you should quite definitely be able to tell good quality cement from inferior. It also helps to go to a trusted dealership and opt for brands like Double Bull Cement that have a good reputation in the market.

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