How to skillfully fill the cracks in plastering

It is often observed that plaster walls and ceilings may have small cracks in them. It is always worthwhile keeping a watch on any signs of these cracks that may indicate just how small or serious these cracks are. More importantly it will help you understand when to seek professional help.

Widen the small cracks in plaster. This is essentially done so that the filler has something to cling on to when its pushed inside. To open up the crack use the corner of the scraper or filling knife. Remove any loose dust and dirt by using dry paint brush along the line of the crack.

Dampen the inside of the crack using the paint brush dipped in clean water. After this apply the filler to the plaster crack. Use a filler knife to apply the filler and leave the filler proud of the surrounding surface.

Use a clean filling knife dipped in clean water to run along the line of the level of the filler to the surface around it. Once the filling has dried and hardened it usually shrinks a bit too, so after this the crack may need to be built up using a number of applications. During this application the surrounding surface requires to be lightly sanded and moistened before the next application.

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