House improvement ideas to implement in 2021

Home renovations can add value to our lives by making them a lively place, especially now, since we’ve been spending more time here. So adding a few design touches here and there could be a good way to take our minds off the crisis and make our personal spaces more interesting. 

Here are a few easy projects/ house renovations tips that we can opt for to “upgrade” make our homes –

Liven up the front door

The first thing anyone sees is our front door, so if it’s just basic or starting to get a little shabby, or dated, it’s time for a change. The front door makeover is an easy task and there are a lot of options like picking out the desired color and adding new hardware, etc. Whether we want a dramatic look or a lovely hue surrounded by greenery and flowers, small changes can make a huge difference and boost the appeal of our entryways.

Repair the driveway

Crumbling cracked concrete can make a driveway of our homes look rundown. It’s essential to research carefully the type of concrete that should be used for this task.  It can either be a DIY task or done by a professional. It is extremely important to choose a high-performance concrete for the best finish.

Plant more trees

It’s a great time to start planting and growing our own food and adding a little greenery to the insides of our homes can also help to lift our mood and detoxify the air. We can grow a variety of veggie plants such as lettuce, tomatoes, chillies, ginger, etc., and also some fruits and herbs on a balcony or our gardens. But it’s important to consider adequate drainage from the plant containers so that there is not too much moisture build-up as it can cause the plant to drown or fall sick. Suitable soil and sunlight should also be used.

Concrete kitchen countertops

Concrete, being one of the strongest building materials is a great option for a kitchen countertop. Due to its durability, versatility, and budget-friendliness, it is used to make countertops for kitchens (or bathrooms). When it comes to cement, choose Double Bull Cement, it’s one of the leading cement companies in India. 

We can add color to the mix to get various other shades besides the standard gray or white. The surface of the countertop can be upgraded with the use of glass chips, colorful tones8marbles, embedded stones, tiles or embedded cutting boards, etc.

Concrete bathtubs

A bathroom can be completely transformed with a perfect addition of a concrete bathtub (soaking tub) that can provide a truly unique bathing experience. These tubs can be planned and implemented in a number of different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Just to reiterate, the right kind of materials, whether it’s paint, concrete, or mud for your plants, is something we have to consider. When thinking of using concrete for any house repairs, make sure that you go for Double Bull cement as it is made of strong cement and is highly durable.

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