Home Care Tips for Monsoon Season

The Indian monsoons are here again. Sitting by the window, sipping coffee or tea as the raindrops fall outside is one of the best parts of this season. However, as pleasant as the monsoons are, they can also cause a lot of damage to your home.

Make sure your house is safe from the erratic wet weather by following these basic home care tips –

Check for leaks

To protect your home from the harsh effects of the monsoon season, be sure to check for any leaks in the walls, roof, balconies, etc. If there is any leakage, repair it immediately. Once the leakage is repaired, you can also apply a waterproof coating or waterproof portland cement. One of the best cement brands in India that make this is Double Bull Cement. It is also necessary to check the drainage pipes to ensure nothing is blocking them and the water flow is unhindered.

Install ventilators

Ventilators are not very common in India; however, they are extremely efficient. During the monsoon season, the moisture in the air can lead to dampness on the walls or even in other parts of the house. Ventilators allow you to ensure there is constant cross-ventilation to allow fresh air into your house. Not only will this safeguard your personal belongings, but it will also ensure everyone at home stays healthy.

Check the electrical wiring

Though the wiring should be checked during any season, it is especially important during the monsoon season. Electrical outlets and switches need constant maintenance for them to be problem-free. If they are exposed to rain or moisture, they could be dangerous. Cover all the switches in the house, replace damaged wires, and consult a professional for the maintenance of electrical appliances.

Take care of wooden furniture

Having wooden furniture in your house is aesthetically pleasing; however, these pieces demand extra attention particularly during the monsoon season. Wax and polish them to protect them from the moisture in the air, consult a professional contractor to help with swollen wooden doors, and place camphor balls in your drawers to protect your clothes.

Put away your carpets

Carpets are an amazing addition to your interior design but they are also incredibly susceptible to moisture damage during the monsoon season. To protect them from the harshness of the season, roll them up and place them in plastic bags in a dry place. If you still want to use your carpets, take proper care of them with regular vacuuming to prevent dust and dampness. Use bamboo or plastic mats in place of carpets during the monsoons.

Clean your house regularly

Routine cleaning is an important part of maintaining your house during the monsoon season. This will also be very helpful to avoid musty smells from dust or mold that’s accumulated over time. Make sure you also ensure no water collects anywhere. To avoid odors, you could place potpourri or air fresheners strategically around your home. Scented candles can also help every now and then.

Fix gaps

Water stagnation and dampness is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, insects, and bacteria. Fix any gaps or pits around the house that might invite rainwater inside. Get pest control done if need be, and clean any drainage pipes or gutters. You can also use a rubber lining around the doors and windows to make sure water does not enter during heavy showers.

The above precautions will keep your home protected and safe from water damage, promoting health for you and your family during the monsoons.

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