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Importance of budgeting during a home construction

Amongst the first steps towards building your dream house, understanding the importance of estimating a budget should remain a high priority. Budgets for home construction projects determine what is affordable and help you swerve away from...


House improvement ideas to implement in 2021

Home renovations can add value to our lives by making them a lively place, especially now, since we’ve been spending more time here. So adding a few design touches here and there could be a good...


Problems with concreting in the cold

Weather plays an important role in our lives. We take safety precautions when the seasons change, for our health and wellbeing. Similarly, for the home, we plan to construct and we need precautions as well. For...


Why waterproofing is important for concrete

It’s quite possible that you’ve experienced that moment of panic coupled with anxiety when you witness a leak from your ceiling or wall. Most people are fully aware of the potential damage leakage can cause to...


When do you know it’s time to repair your ceiling

As much as we would like our ceilings to last forever, it’s not quite possible. While there are many other costs involved in maintaining your home’s foundation, paying close attention to your ceiling is extremely important....


What is the best season to start construction in India?

Did you know that starting construction in a particular season can affect the overall longevity, strength, and resilience of your house? Seasons can affect the overall duration of your construction. This makes it extremely crucial to...