Building Tips for Indian Summers

Interior view of a house under construction home framing

Summer, especially in most parts of India, can be a difficult time of the year. Back when electricity wasn’t easily accessible, special attention was given to construction designs and materials to keep a house cool during this season. Even today, it’s a must to research well before starting construction work. And it also helps to use good quality products, like material that comes from the best cement company so the longevity of a project is assured. Of course, the right design to accommodate today’s savvy artificial cooling systems, as per requirement or building architecture, is another aspect to consider prior to construction. 

If a home is designed and built right, it can reduce the need for too much artificial cooling, to an extent. Simple things that contractors tend to keep in mind while planning a construction project will ensure that a home stays cool during the summer months with the best possible airflow accounted for.

Angle of the sun and windows

While renovating or building a house, keep track of the sun for the angle that it hits the structure. This can be an enormous factor in keeping the building cooler. Beat the heat with awnings, shutters, and louvers. Here, when the sun hits them, the heat isn’t transferred inside and in winters it can be easily adjusted according to your needs.


Pay extra attention to the horizontal and cross ventilation system. A proper ventilation system ensures that the house is cooled properly by maintaining a steady circulation of air from one side to another. While renovating or building the house, place every window carefully so that air can move through easily. The size of the windows also plays an important role in ventilation. An enormous window on one side and a small one on the opposite side won’t work.

Stack effect

Make sure that a high-level window is placed under the ceiling area only or create internal voids that are taller than the height of the space. With this, hot air will go up and cool air is drawn in to take its place. A power-saving ceiling fan can also help circulate the air and save some money on a much higher electricity bill that comes from an air conditioner.

Proper insulation

It hinders the heat between two mediums. Make sure to insulate all the important areas such as walls, windows, doors, and ceilings. This would prevent excessive heat from getting into the space on warm summer days. 

Keeping in mind all of the above, try to plan all the procedures ahead before building your comfort place. Research all the points in detail and talk with your architecture and designer. Choose the best cement company such as Double Bull Cement who is among the best cement companies in Eastern India. The right equipment and material are extremely vital to ensure your home stays cooler in the summer and increases its lifespan.

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