5 ways to extend your house’s lifespan

Improper maintenance or lack thereof can lower a house’s lifespan significantly. Just like your body, your house needs to be taken care of too. Using the right kind of materials and obviously choosing the better quality options when constructing a home, such as strong cement, can increase the average age of a house. And, keeping your home healthy with regular maintenance can extend its longevity a great deal.

Here are a few tips that will help you keep your house in great shape-

1. Watch out for the water damage

Water can cause massive damage to your home and a small leak can turn into a large one if it goes unchecked. What mitigates the risk of water damage is a properly maintained roof or cracks in the outside wall, therefore, always make these your first maintenance priority. It’s worth giving your home a once-over well before the monsoons begin, to avoid any issues during the rains.

2. Make use of Enamel

If you take a look at your home, you will see steel fittings like door hinges, handles, and so on that can become vulnerable to rust over time. Although they are often coated with paint, a little extra protection will only prove beneficial. Therefore, enamel by creating a waterproof shell around the metal, provides durability, helping increase their lifespan. 

3. Keeping your interiors and exteriors clean

When your house is dirty, it will only aid in the growth of fungus, mold, algae, etc. These things infest dirty surfaces and can create many problems by eating away materials like wood and holding water which can cause wear and tear on the house’s interiors and exteriors. To keep bugs and other pests like rats, termites, etc. at bay, keeping your house clean is the way to go.

4. Get your house inspected annually

Without an expert’s inspection, there are higher chances of you missing many potential problems that might become bigger over time. Consulting an expert is a smart choice after you’ve done your best just to make sure if you haven’t overlooked anything serious. Therefore, getting your house inspected at least once a year would help you avoid huge problems in the future.

5. Monitor moisture levels 

Humidity is another kind of water damage that can cause the metals to rust more quickly and wood to rot over time. This can be avoided by taking precautions such as getting a hygrometer, which measures humidity levels. Another way is increasing your home’s ventilation. Using desiccants could help as well.

It’s safe to conclude that keeping your house’s condition in check and taking care of it will help it last longer. Make sure you keep these tips in mind because living in a healthy house will keep you healthy as well. And, should you need any repairs done in your house, use only the best quality cement like Double Bull cement, and other top-of-the-line products that are suitable for construction and reparation purposes.

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