5 Important things to consider before Renovating your Bathroom

Tips to Bathroom Renovation

Some homeowners like to remodel because conditions have taken a turn for the worse, others simply do it for their own pleasure. And bathrooms, being essential to our homes, might also require some work or a little upgrade.  

Before you decide to renovate this space do your research – know what you want and how you want it. Opt for the best quality materials that match your house aesthetics and with technical products, durability should be your first priority. Of course, ensure you have a reasonable budget ready so research the fixture, tile, and cement prices.

Keep in mind the following things before you start –

Ready, set, lights

This is an important factor to consider. Place different lights at an appropriate height to brighten up your bathroom. Mirrors with light fixtures should be placed at eye level. You can never go wrong with handmade light scones, light fixtures which are hollow from the inside, made from cement. Try to see fixtures in action before you buy them and consider scones made from only the best quality cement.

Space is real

When working on your renovation plans, it becomes necessary to consider the space you’re working in. You can fit a toilet seat and sink into an 11 square foot spot, but that could look very cramped. Instead, take dimensions of a 3-4 feet width and 6-8 breadth and try and widen that floor space.

Accessibility is stability

The permanent features and furnitures of a bathroom should be your top priority. Build a barrier-free shower, a low-height sink, handheld showers, and easy to grip lever faucets. Once again, choose a good-quality durable material that works within your budget.

Wire up

The one thing you want to stay away from is getting electrocuted in your newly remodeled bathroom. All common bathrooms are installed with 15-amp outlets that can get worn out after a while. So if your home is a little older, you might want to switch to GFCI protected outlets. Change your wires to those with a 20-amp circuit breaker to support any newly installed outlets. 

Ditch the wallpaper

Choose something new and hassle-free like wainscoting your walls or using new tiles to give your bathroom a new and refreshed look.

Choose the right brands for your furnishings, pick designs that work with your theme, find reliable contractors to get the job done, and above all else, make sure you work with the right materials, like high-performance concrete from trusted brands like Double Bull Cement who make some of the best cement in India.

These suggestions will surely make your bathroom stand out. 

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