5 Great ideas to make your backyard come alive

A home backyard can be an oasis, a getaway from your personal spaces indoors. There are plenty of ways to make your existing outdoors around your home, far more interesting. So before the holiday season begins, consider some of these ideas to spruce up your little slice of heaven. A quick tip, when using cement for certain parts, make sure to use only high-performance concrete that’s capable of withstanding the elements, since these are essential ideas for the outdoors.

Here are 5 great ideas for creating a backyard of your dreams-

  1. An inviting patio.
    A concrete patio can be quite a fun place for the family to ‘hang out’. It’s certainly better than a wooden deck that not only costs more but can easily be ruined over time thanks to our sometimes highly variable weather conditions. You can give your concrete patio a unique style using bricks or stones. Add some cushy chairs and a table and, to add more appeal, you can also add potted plants or flowers, decorative lanterns, fairy lights and so much more to the space to make it really come alive.
  2. Build a beautiful bird-bath
    A cute little concrete bird-bath can attract our feathered friends and also keep them hydrated during the hot summer months. To make the surface of the basin less slippery, use gravel. It makes it easier for the birds to use it. Try and keep it clean and in the open. Using the right kind of cement for the structure is also important. Double Bull Cement has some of the best quality, so you could consider that.
  3. Barbecue Pit
    Turn your backyard into an outdoor kitchen by building a barbecue pit, using just concrete or laying bricks. Use mortared beach pebbles with refractory cement to help with heat resistance, on the interiors. A nice cool day with a deliciously prepared barbeque meal is a great way to spend a holiday.
  4. The peaceful garden
    You can create a small rose garden with a seating area and, if permitted, even a little dining area with shade-tolerant plants. Add some chairs and for comfort, use weatherproof cushions. Throw in a park bench and you’ve got yourself an aesthetically pleasing garden.
  5. Koi Pond
    Here’s a great home backyard idea – building a koi pond. This will not only beautify your home but can last forever. Koi can live for many years if they are cared for properly. And while you maintain the quality of water, which is key, using high-quality concrete for the structure will help it sustain through all weather conditions.

To give your backyards an amazingly new look, try some or all of these ideas and enjoy your holidays by creating a private oasis. And when you’re considering the ideas you’re going to go with to renovate your backyard, it’s advisable to use the best quality cement like Double Bull Cement, one of the best cement brands in India that’s highly durable.

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